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Luis Alberto Scola was born on April 30, 1980 Capital Federal, Argentina. He spent the first 4 years of his life in the Floresta neigborhood, but it was in Martin Coronado where he spent most of his youth and where he really grew up.

From a very young age, Luis was involved in sports, primarily due to the fact that his parents, his sisters and some of his uncles and cousins were all athletes in various sports. "LUI", a nickname he was given in grade school, always knew that to realize his dream of playing on the Argentina national team and in the NBA he would have to make huge sacrifices. Because of that, he decided to play for the Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires to better develop his game and formation as a player, rather than for his local club, where all of his friends were playing.

Luis was always able to count on the unconditional support of his parents Mario and Alicia, along with that of his sisters Silvina and Maria Elena. In addition, his family always made it clear to him the importance of finishing school and due to their guidance, even though he was playing professionally for Ferro Carril Oeste in the National League (Liga Nacional) from the time he was 15 years old, Luis still managed to finish high school on time with his lifetime schoolmates. Even though he graduated from high school wit h his friends, he was not able to take the graduation trip with them, which he had long looked forward to, because he had obligations with his professional club. Even though having to make decisions like these was tough, he knew very well that sacrifices had to be made to reach the objectives he had set for himself.

When he was 18 years old, Luis went to Spain to live alone and play for Cabitel Gijon, through a contract with Tau Ceramica, who worked out a deal for him to play for a lower level team to develop his game. The first year was certainly the most difficult of his career, but it was also the most important, since he grew so much as a player and a person. Even though he received occasional visits from friends and family, the visits were so far apart that Luis had no other alternative but to grow up very quickly. It is this maturity that still characterizes his game and his character, on and off the court.

Things went great on the basketball court. In his first year with Gijon, Luis played a major role on the team and helped them move up to the ACB. Along with the positive results with Gijon and a nice personal progression on the court, he was also able to realize one of his dreams of playing for the Argentine national team. Luis had always been part of the younger national team programs, but only aspired to play for the top Sr. team. Julio Lamas, who was then the national team coach, invited him to be part of the '99 national team to play in the South American championships in Bahia Blanca.

In his 2nd season with Gijon, Luis became the youngest player in the history of the ACB and he was key in the team being able to maintain their place in the ACB league. The following year he moved on to play with Tau of Vitoria and very quickly earned his place on the team and in the hearts of the fans, who quickly adopted him as one of the heroes of this historic Spanish club.

During the 7 seasons that Luis played for Tau, he was an integral part of the club's incredible success and consideration as one of the great teams of Europe. Tau won various titles during this time period, among them being the championship of the ACB in 2001-02. The only thing the club did not accomplish during this time period in Spain was, without a doubt, winning the Euroleague. Even though Tau went to the Finals twice, they were unable to come away with a Euroleague championship.

After 12 years as a professional basketball player and having accomplished many things with the Argentine national team, such as silver medalist in the 2002 World Championships and Gold Medalist of the 2004 Olympic Games, Luis finally achieved his dream of playing in the NBA when the Houston Rockets signed him in 2007. In his two seasons playing at the top level of basketball in the world, Luis has gone from winning minutes and respect on a great team to being one of the pillars of the Rockets.

Even though it's clear that Luis' career up to now has been incredible and doesn't appear to have any limits, his top achievement has already been reached and it has nothing to do with basketball. Luis and his longtime companion Pamela have made a family together. They have 3 beautiful boys, Tiago, Tomas, Matias and Lucas. His family is, without a doubt, his highest achievement, even in a life full of recognition, success and happiness, but also one of hard work and sacrifice.


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